To be clear, I DO NOT do portraits, thank you for considering me for your tattoo tho. I’m sure I can probably pull off an ok portrait but I didn’t get into this to do ok tattoos. People who have gotten work by me know I won’t do a tattoo unless I feel I can do it well. I love pushing myself or taking on a challenge but when it comes to a portrait it’s different in my opinion. When I push myself on a new tattoo I let you know that I’m pushing myself, I’m barely learning to tattoo. If I accepted it its because even if is not “perfect” I know you’re going to end up with a tattoo we can both be proud of and honestly you probably wouldn’t notice whatever area I wish I would have done differently/ better. I might give you a little price break so that you aren’t worried about cost if the tattoo takes an extra session or 2 to get it done right. Lastly I’m gonna draw it like crazy before we ever tattoo it.

With a portrait is different, one little slip up on your loved ones face and that’s that. Your mom will forever have a crooked eye or a fat nose. It could be something as little a high cheekbone. The point is there are many amazing portrait artist that specialize on portraits, that can capture a moment or (without being too corny) the essence of your loved one. It sucks when I turn a person down on a portrait and a week later they have gotten their tattoo but it looks horrible because they went to their homie or somebody who doesn’t really care. Please, when getting a portrait do your research. If you’re letting a young portrait artist get some experience that’s great, but know that. Hopefully they do well and worst case scenario they can touch it up once they get better. Don’t just walk into any shop and say “I want a portrait” or choose your artist based on price.

I don’t know if any of this is “right”or “the way it’s supposed to be done” it’s just the way I feel about it. It’s your tattoo but it’s my name on it. I’d say about 90% of my new clients are people who saw my work and asked about me. That’s why I don’t mind doing touch ups. Let’s get it done right. So again sorry if I turn down your portrait or any any other tattoo you may have asked me for but I don’t want bad advertising.

I don’t plan on ever being a portrait artist but I do hope to do a few before it’s all said and done. Just let me work out the other million things I need to work out about tattooing before I put you wife’s face on your neck haha. Which reminds me I don’t tattoo hands, necks or faces but that’s a whole nother story

:: If you need help finding a good portrait artist feel free to ask. I’m no expert but I can give you my thoughts and hopefully we can get you going in the right direction. I love talking tattoos anyway::